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Maria Augustyn


Your health is your greatest asset. What can you do today to optimise this? Email inquiry

Organize Your Event

Small gatherings of friends with a united purpose:

learning and encouraging

each other to become

healthier, exchange

recipes, practice new skills.

For the corporate groups, health promotion should be

A group of co-workers can be made into a family that encourages each other to become healthiera very important endeavor.

Health Promotion Programs and education in the workplace, contribute to the individual’s physical, psychological and social well-being.

These benefits ripple across the entire organization through higher job satisfaction, lower absenteeism and turnover, improved job performance, lower accident rates, and reduced worker Healthy food can be gourmet foodcompensation costs.

Individuals need to take responsibility for reducing their health risks and employers can support this through a range of health promotion programs, including knowledge about nutrition and acquiring cooking skills.

Healthy employees form a healthier business

Do your workers know about the importance of posture in the prevention of very debilitating and painful injuries?

Did you know that an inflammation promoting diet will exacerbate any stressed muscle group or joints?

Healthier employees, less absenteeismAn improved nutrition, will improve the health of your workers, reduce absenteeism and result in a more profitable organization.

Your health is your greatest asset. What can you do today to optimise this? Email inquiry